PIN-Based Debit

API offers one of the only bank-sponsored and regulatory approved card-present PIN-based Debit solutions.

Debit Specific Options

PIN-Based Debit is tailored to fit the needs of check cashing and installment loan locations.

PIN-Based Debit

Bank-sponsored and regulatory approved card-present PIN-based debit solutions.

PIN-based EMV Ready Terminals

Decreasing your chargeback liability on debit transactions

Multiple Bank Sponsorship

Significantly reduce your risk of being shut down with our multi bank backing.


EMV ready terminals

No chargeback threshold

Least cost routing

Accept EBT with our PIN Debit terminals

Reduce PCI scope


• Per network rules and regulations card-present transactions must be inserted, decreasing your liability for chargebacks.

• Decrease fraud and chargeback exposure with our debit solution, which is considered one of the safest transaction types.

• Our least cost routing program saves our merchants money by running the transactions on the least expensive debit networks first. 

• Reduce your PCI scope by keeping yourself free of any card data or keyed card numbers.

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