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Learn how you can save by switching to ECS for your payment processing needs. ECS offers a wide variety of payment solutions specifically designed for today’s merchants.


Before the meeting, it would be best to have your most recent processing statement to get the total transaction volume and transaction rate. This will help us best understand where your business is currently at.



Integrated Payment Systems


Remote Deposit Capture

Cash Advance


Gift & Loyalty

Reporting & Statement Retrieval


We work with local merchants to ensure they are provided with the best solutions, rates, and customer service. We are committed to providing quality merchant services and maintaining ongoing relationships, and an equitable partnership with our clients, employees and the business community at large. Our aim is to be a “One Stop Shop” for all payment and product needs.

Traditional POS set-ups are an exceptional set-up for quick-service restaurants or retail shops. ECS offers buildable systems with countertop POS, countertop terminals, and wireless terminals with printer and card reader attachment options.

Offering solutions for businesses on the go. With the latest in tap technology, your customers will have contactless options of payment. Wireless and WiFi/ BlueTooth accessibility makes it easy to accept transactions anywhere your business is.

Integrated payment solutions open the opportunity to get your business online. With a bed service and online checkout, your customers can order from your business anytime. Reporting and statement retrieval is available that provides a single dedicated merchant portal for processing, reporting, and statement retrieval.

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