Pandemic fueled 32.4% e-commerce surge in 2020

January 28, 2021

Consumers have been getting comfortable with online shopping and companies have been improving the transaction experience, Digital360 analysts said, but the pandemic “magnified trend lines in a big way.”  The biggest jump in online sales occurred shortly after states issued stay-at-home orders. E-commerce sales jumped 44.4% in the second quarter compared to the same quarter in…

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How To Scale Up As Your Customers Grow

January 11, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we focus on building and growing a business and often get excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. Many of us have big dreams about where our company will go and how we’ll get there, but it can also feel like using a map with no starting point. When I founded Insightly, our…

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Creating a Post-Covid Business Plan

January 8, 2021

Right now, every company in the world is facing the same question: What’s going to happen when the pandemic is over? Grocery stores and consumer packaged goods manufacturers have experienced an unexpected boost in sales: Will that growth sustain? Hotels and airlines have experienced unprecedented drops in demand: Will their business ever come back? Movie…

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Card networks have stepped up their contactless distribution

January 6, 2021

Several years in the making, contactless payment cards are finally arriving in large numbers at mailboxes throughout the U.S., as domestic cardholders catch up with the rest of the world. But contactless goes beyond plastic cards, with mobile apps providing another payment option for consumers to choose. While COVID-19 has accelerated contactless in 2020, payment…

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Retail in 2021: What will endure and what’s going to change?

December 7, 2020

The United States will have a new president in the White House. “The Matrix 4” will hit the big screen, Tokyo hopes to host the Olympic Games and sales of CBD products will continue to climb. JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley are feeling bullish about the stock market in 2021 and conversations about vaccines are more than…

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How COVID-19 is accelerating the shift to a cashless society

November 30, 2020

PHILADELPHIA — Tom Ivory, the founder of the Baker Street Bread Co. in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill section, fought a valiant effort for years to rein in bank fees by imposing a minimum credit card purchase of $10. But more customers wanted to go cashless, and Mr. Ivory eventually relented and accepted plastic for any transaction,…

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Why small business payments have big potential

November 21, 2020

Picture a black-and-white television showing The Andy Griffith Show. Opie Taylor walks down Mayberry’s Main Street to visit Walker’s Drugstore, a small brick building on the corner that represents the quintessential mom-and-pop business of the era. Today’s small business doesn’t look like that brick-and-mortar shop. With the expansion of the gig economy, the term “small…

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