Credit + Debit Card Processing Solutions

ECS supports our customers with credit and debit card processing solutions through a variety of product platforms such as credit card terminals, virtual terminals, online products, and a variety of wireless and mobile options. This processing solution is ideal for retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and more.

Online Options

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminals allow Merchants to process credit card and Electronic Check (ACH) transactions from any computer with internet access.

  • Available for use 24 hours a day
  • Single transactions are entered via keypad or with a magnetic swipe reader.
  • Files may be imported to process multiple credit card or ACH transactions in a single step.
  • Input scheduled transactions that can be set to process on a weekly, monthly, or on a customized schedule.

Hosted Payments Page

ECS’s Hosted Payments Page is perfect for online merchants with an existing website or shopping cart who simply need a method to process transactions.

  • Seamlessly sends your customers to ECS’s Hosted Payment Page, relieving the merchant from handling sensitive credit card data.
  • Provides detailed transaction history.

Mobile & Wireless Options


Use your existing iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile device to process credit card transactions on the go.

  • Access to a downloadable application (available on your phone app store), after authenticating the application it is ready to process both key-entered and swiped transactions.
  • Supports blue tooth peripherals such as printers and external card readers.


Credit card and debit card processing in a convenient wireless credit card terminal.

  • Terminals can process on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or Wi-Fi. We offer support for CDMA, GPRS, IP or Dial environments. ECS is pleased to provide these “made for purpose” terminals.

API/ Gateway Integration

ECS offers the ability to integrate with the most successful and secure payment gateways in the world.

  • Take control of the online payment experience by using a simple integration development kit.
  • Provides complete documentation, test cards, and a secure testing environment.
  • Provides solutions from multiple gateways such as NMI,, BridgePay, and many more.
  • Proper PCI certification.

POS Software Integration

Why limit yourself to only one processing platform? Here at ECS, we partner with many different software companies to allow our merchants the ability to process transactions with their existing point-of-sale system.

Currently not using a Point-of-Sales system? No problem! Contact our sales department today to learn about the right Point-of-Sales system for you!

Which payment solution is right for you?

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