First Data FD150

The FD 150 has an intuitive touch-screen display for ease of use with fast terminal downloads using IP or dial-up, with Wi-Fi as an option. Easy support of both IP and dial-up with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Quick and hassle-free drop-in paper-loading system

• Compact design

• Cortex A5 500MHz

• Processing capabilities for ATM, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions, and check payments

• Fast printer capable of 18 lines per second

• IP connectivity with dial-up as a backup and Wi-Fi as an additional option

• Durable keys

•  Touch-screen capability with 320 X 240 color display

• Merchant-friendly one-touch feature for daily functions


• Three-track magnetic-stripe reader

• Contactless support

• 128MB RAM standard memory

•  Three USB ports

• Address verification service

• Batch history

• Simplified support and installation

• 2.3-inch-wide thermal roll printer

• Ability to accept EMV chip transactions that enhance security

• PCI-PED Version 5.x approved

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