Credit Card Processing For Low to Moderate Risk Merchants

ECS offers a wide variety of traditional credit, debit, and online payment solutions specifically designed for today’s merchants.


Payment Solutions

Credit / Debit

Credit / Debit

ECS offers a full range of credit & debit card processing and equipment. Including PIN-less Debit, PIN-Based Debit, online solutions, Mobile & Wireless, Software & Gateways. Ideal for retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and more.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Integrated Payment Solutions

Our integrated payment solution offers everything you need in a partner; Integrated processing, payment technology, and a white glove customer experience.


ECS provides secure, dependable solutions for electronic fund transfers, an excellent alternative to paper checks.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

ECS provides the equipment and software to allow you to safely and securely make electronic deposits remotely.

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

ECS offers a unique opportunity to all our customers, to get access to additional funds for expansion, payroll, or working capital.


ECS offers ATM sales and support for businesses ranging from convenience stores to financial institutions. Lobby, Walk-up, and ATM Placement program.

Gift & Loyalty

Gift & Loyalty

Establish a gift card or customer loyalty card program using standard credit/debit terminals – no extra equipment required.

Reporting & Statement Retrieval

Reporting & Statement Retrieval

A unique tool developed exclusively by ECS. Merchant Central provides a single dedicated merchant portal for processing, reporting, and statement retrieval.


What our customers are saying:

"We switched credit card processors because they promised us lower rates. They were able to deliver on it and they are much better. They’re on top of things when I call and I don’t have to do that very often so that’s a good combination. We use the virtual terminal and it works very well!"

—Shawn Cress, AlphaDent

"The Bridge City Police Department has the credit card readers in their cars where they can pay credit card payments in the field. If a person gets outstanding warrants, we don't have to take them to jail or get the judge to come out since they can pay by credit card. It's worked out pretty good for us."

—Officer Jerry Jones, Bridge City Police Department

"This is our first credit card processing change in 7 years! It was an extremely smooth transition and our salesman was helpful and informative beyond my expectation! Our new equipment was set and ready to go without any problems. I would highly recommend them!"

—Rebecca Fowler, American Sports


Mobile + Desktop Terminals


Dejavoo Z1 PIN Pad

Dejavoo Z3 PIN Pad

Dejavoo Z6 PIN Pad

Dejavoo Z9 Wireless Terminal

First Data

First Data RP10

First Data FD 150

MagTek iDynamo iOS Swipe Card Reader




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