More Blessed to Give Than to Receive Asset 10

We are more than just a company. We are a community.

Extravagant GENEROSITY, a CULTURE in the making!

Our non-profit partner, Aiden Whisper, is providing resources, education, and housing to those who cannot afford it, locally and across the world. 

USAG strives to be more than just a business. We believe we can create a difference starting in our very own communities. We value good citizenship and are determined to establish an impact by connecting with different people around us, as well as across the globe. We serve our employees, families, communities, and clients every day to make the world a little brighter. We believe that our impact has to start within ourselves. We are committed to partnering with Aiden Whisper to help solve the street children crisis around the world and give back to our local communities.

usag office culture

We emphasize the value of giving in many different ways throughout our corporate office. We provide our employees with quality time off to be with family and serve their community.

our work nationally

We grant scholarships for a variety of different causes supporting pastors, couples, and students with quality resources, conferences, and financial assistance to make a difference.

Our work internationally

Aiden Whisper continues to grow and is steadily impacting children from the streets through education and safe housing while promoting reintegration into families.

Vera’s Sanctuary 

The Teen Project’s mission is to provide healing and hope to young women who have survived human trafficking and homelessness. This is accomplished by innovating programs focused on drug treatment, psychotherapy, life skills, higher education, and mentoring all with a trauma-informed lens.
The project currently has 126 beds throughout Southern California. They recently opened the only site for children that are victims of human trafficking in Orange County at Vera’s Sanctuary. This is a 30-bed site in the beautiful and serene Trabuco Canyon area. Vera’s Sanctuary is the only licensed residential drug treatment site in Orange County, California dedicated to victims of human trafficking.

100% of your donation brings resources and education

to local and international communities!

Join Aiden Whisper and USAG as we strive to serve local and international communities.