The United States is the last substantial market to resist widespread adoption of the EMV chip and pin standard, but over the past year, the outlook for EMV has improved significantly, with backing from Visa, and to some extent, MasterCard.

That’s caused Gemalto, a payments technology firm headquartered in Europe and a proponent of smart cards and EMV to change its view of how quickly chip & pin could arrive in the US. As recently as 2010, the firm was projecting a slow rate of adoption here, but Visa’s decision to accelerate adoption through a combination of incentives and penalties has changed the company’s outlook. Gemalto recently published a white paper which outlines the advantages of EMV in a variety of settings and argues that the anti-fraud characteristics of EMV, the growing inconvenience for US cardholders traveling abroad and the rise of mobile payments technology make the timing of Visa’s push for EMV more potent, and will speed adoption.