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US Alliance Group (USAG) offers cutting-edge payment processing solutions for merchants accepting credit card, debit card, mobile, and online payments. We also provide payment processing solutions including ATMs, electronic checks, gift cards, and bill payment to set your business up for success and establish a thriving impact for years to come.

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What sets us apart is our dedication to our relationship with each and every one of our merchants. Upon approval, our Merchant Relations Specialists immediately welcome each new merchant, ensuring the account is set up correctly and the merchant understands reporting as well as how to use their terminal(s) and/or gateway. Once processing, every merchant has access to our in-house Merchant Services and Technical Support Departments in which every call is answered within 45 seconds or less.

Not only is our customer service top-notch, but we also take the safety and security of our merchants seriously. Our internal Risk Department monitors every transaction based on the parameters set forth for your account in an effort to keep your account safe and secure.

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There are many ways to become a partner with US Alliance Group. One of our most popular forms of partnership is with Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

In this type of relationship, the software vendor has a platform such as a smartphone application that needs to have the ability to accept payment through that platform.

That is where USAG comes in. We provide everything your software needs to securely accept payments. Software developers partner with USAG for the quality technology and a proven process we are recognized for.


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Becoming an Independent Sales Office (ISO) of USAG provides you with the comfort of knowing your merchants are in good hands with the convenience of in-house support. USAG offers different processing platforms and solutions to provide your merchants with multiple payment options.

To learn more about becoming a USAG Independent Sales Office, email us at

mark.davis@usag-inc.com, or call

Mark Davis, Chief Revenue Officer at

866-651-8724, extension 1373.

Partnering With Us

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Independent Software Vendors (ISV) benefit through our integrated partnerships.

When we become your Integrated Partner, you reap the benefits of quality technology, a proven process, ease of integration through SDK’s and API’s, and an aggressive revenue share.

Products + Offerings

  • Various API’s supporting common programming languages
  • Remote key injection
  • Secure tokenization
  • Omni Channel includes in-store, self-service, e-commerce, and mobile
  • Web service and online checkout
  • ACH processing
  • P2PE & PCI compliance
  • Integration support
  • Full-service merchant sales and support

Learn how you can benefit from partnering with USAG by scheduling a free consultation today.


ECS’s wide variety of innovative payment solutions are specifically designed to benefit today’s low to medium-risk merchants accepting credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, mobile, and online payments including bill pay and ACH.

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Cutting edge payment processing and merchant lending opportunities to set your business up for success and establish a thriving impact for years to come.

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